"Making the services and actions of the Studierendenwerk ever more sustainable is on the one hand a challenge, and on the other hand an inspiring task. Based on the conviction that we can and must all contribute to preserving the earth for our children and future generations, a lively corporate culture has developed that involves students and employees. We are always looking for, finding and breaking new ground in order to further develop the Studierendenwerk ecologically and socially while taking into account the economic framework conditions. Our task is to promote and support students so that they can successfully complete their chosen course of study, regardless of their social or geographical background or their financial resources. For me, focusing on sustainability is the decisive factor for success" (Ulike Laux, former Managing Director).


Sustainability Manager

Georg Richarz

Porträt des Nachhaltigkeitsmanagers Georg Richarz

phone: 06151 16-29438