Energy-efficient construction

Energy-efficient construction

When it comes to housing, finding an economic strategy that is equally environmentally friendly and energy-efficient, as well as committed to the goal of socially acceptable rents, is a big challenge for the Studierendenwerk. In terms of ecological quality, preservation of resources and the use of renewable energies are essential elements with the aim of reducing energy demand.

Already back in 2011, we installed a photovoltaic system on the roof of the Lichtwiese canteen in cooperation with the TUD in order to use solar energy for power generation. Until its temporary partial dismantling in autumn 2017, it had an installed capacity of 58.86kW. The dismantling had become necessary due to leaks in the canteen roof. The refurbishment of the roof area with high-quality insulation will result in a better energy efficiency of the building.

On the roofs of our new residential complex "re_st" in Riedeselstraße, a solar thermal system which uses solar energy to generate hot water and support the heating system has been installed for the first time.

The efficient installation technology in our latest student residences "fair", "LAB" and "re_st" offers an opportunity to reduce the consumption of energy from finite resources. Combined heat and power plants (CHP) which generate electricity and heat at the same time, use the waste heat generated by electricity generation for heating purposes.

In the heating system of our largest student residence Karlshof, the efficient main distributions as well as the hydraulic connection of the combined heat and power plant were realized in 2017/2018. Now the heat of the CHP is fed into the local heating network. The CHP thus covers the base load, and the district heat supply is only used if the energy of the CHP is not sufficient.



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