Living with disabilities

Living with disabilties

Handicapped accessible and barrier-free housing

For tenants, who are reliant on a wheelchair, the “Studierendenwerk Darmstadt” has created apartments, which are accessible via elevator and equipped with special doors and sanitation.


View dormitory "Lux" in Nieder-Ramstädter Str. 

Student Residence "Lux" in Nieder-Ramstädter Str. (near Campus TU Lichtwiese)



Residence hall "rest" in Riedeselstraße (near h_da campus)

View Student Residence "rest" in Riedeselstraße

Student Residence "rest" in Riedeselstraße


Our new buildings are all barrier-free. Both of the following student residences are an example therefore:

Wohnanlage LAB in der Berliner Allee

Student residence "LAB" in "Berliner Allee"

The student residence “Berliner Allee LAB” (website only available in German) offers flat shares with 2 or 3 residents. Further information about this student residence and the pricing can be found on its website.

Also in the newly rehabilitated “Alfred-Messel-Weg Karlshof” (website only available in German) we have barrier-free apartments. There you can live in flat shares with 2 to 6 residents. The above link gives you further details and picture of this student residence.

Wohnanlage Karlshof im Alfred-Messel-Weg

Student residence Karlshof in "Alfred-Messel-Weg"

Many of our other student residences  only have few barriers.

Application for a barrier-free apartment / apartment with few barriers

If you have a disability, please indicate this at our “Online-Application” for one of our student residences under “notes” (best with nomination of the effects). In addition, please contact the team of the accommodation service (in person, via E-Mail or telephone) and point out that you have applied for an apartment.

Please bring along the supporting documents about your impairment, when you are invited to a personal appointment from us (handicapped ID, report from the hospital, …).


Accommodation Service

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Social Counselling

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Info on the current counselling can be found here