Campus groups

Campus groups

Our come2gether tutors have researched and put together the campus groups, in which students from both universities are welcome and can participate. It is not important/secondary whether you are studying at the TU Darmstadt or the Hochschule Darmstadt.

At this point we introduce these groups with the central information.

You can get the complete list with all information directly from the come2gether tutors. For example, when and where the groups meet, whether the participation costs something, which languages are spoken there, ...

Campus groups, which are open to students of the TU Darmstadt and the Hochschule Darmstadt:



Campus group

Topic E-Mail
AIESEC Darmstadt International
Akademische Fliegergruppe Darmstadt e.V. Subject-specific
Akademische Motorsportgruppe Darmstadt e.V. Subject-specific
Akademischer Papieringenieurverein (APV) Darmstadt Subject-specific
Akamu e.V. Subject-specific
Amnesty International Sektion der BRD e.V.

Social commitment Social commitment
AudioMax e.V.

Create a radio show
Campus für Christus Darmstadt Other
Chaos Darmstadt e.V. Subject-specific
Chor der TU Darmstadt Culture
Entrepreneursclub Darmstadt e.V. Subject-specific
Griechischer Studentenverein Darmstadt e.V. Culture
Hochschulgruppe Nachhaltigkeit e.V. Social commitment
IAESTE Darmstadt e.V. Social commitment
Ingenieure ohne Grenzen, Regionalgruppe Darmstadt Social commitment
konaktiva – Studenten treffen Unternehmen Subject-specific
Leo-Club Darmstadt Ludovicus  Social commitment
Nachhelfer für kostenfreie Schülerbetreuung e.V. Social commitment
Sailing Team Darmstadt e.V. Subject-specific
TU Darmstadt Racing Team e.V. Subject-specific
TU Darmstadt Space Technology e.V. Subject-specific
TU Darmstadt Schauspielstudio e.V. Culture
Tunesische Akademiker Gesellschaft Hessen e.V.

Unicef Hochschulgruppe

Social commitment

Verein der Chinesischen Wissenschaftler und Studenten e.V. in Darmstadt (VCWSD) Culture
VWI ESTIEM Hochschulgruppe International


Your campus group is not there yet, although you are open to students from both state or even all three universities in Darmstadt?

Just write us an E-Mail and we will be happy to include you on this page and in the general overview. Also in case of corrections or if you don't want to appear here anymore, please let us know.


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