Family Rooms

Family Rooms

For parents who need some private space to change, feed or play with their children, there are a number of family rooms available throughout the campus and the canteens.


Facilities: The family rooms are equipped with a separate children's corner with soft toys, picture books and various other toys, a sofa, a changing table and a kitchenette with water supply and a sink.

Opening hours: The family rooms may be used at any time during the opening hours of the university buildings.


Family room at Mensa Stadtmitte (city center canteen):

First floor above ground level of Mensa Stadtmitte (Otto-Berndt-Halle), right wing, behind the Marktrestaurant.


Family room at Mensa Lichtwiese:

Ground level, next to the spiral staircase, across from the Sparkasse ATM.

Family room at Botanischer Garten / botanical garden (TU):

Ground level at the Mobi Office (B1|08). This room is also equipped with a desk. Open weekdays from 7:30 – 18:30 hrs.

Family Room at Campus Darmstadt (h_da):

In the Dugena building A10, room 207 (second floor above ground level). Baby-changing facilities are available in the bathrooms on the same floor. A kitchenette is also available on the same floor.

Family room at Campus Dieburg (h_da):

In building F14, room 60 (ground level).




Counselling and Social Affairs

Dipl. Psych. Ursula Lemmertz

Alexanderstr. 4
64283 Darmstadt


Services and contact persons at the universities:

Familienbüro/ family bureau (h_da)

Family Service (TU Darmstadt)