Online-Social Counselling

Online-Social Counselling

Via our online counselling service, you can send encrypted messages and files to the social counselling team and receive written counselling. We use the Aygonet software for this. Your data is protected. We treat your concerns confidentially. If you wish, you can stay anynom.

In addition to online counselling, we are available by phone, video and in person (by appointment only).


Social Counselling

Tel (06151) 16-29863, 16-29858, 16-29859, 16-29860


Mensa Stadtmitte S1|11
room 104, 119, 120
Alexanderstr. 4, 64283 Darmstadt

Campus Hochschule Darmstadt
Studierendenhaus C23, room 04.07
Schöfferstraße 3, 64295 Darmstadt

Info on the current counselling can be found here


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A new browser window will open in which you can enter your user name and password.


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Steps to online counselling:

  • First of all, an initial registration is necessary. To do this, please choose a user name and a password.
  • Keep your user name and password safe, as both are required for each login.
  • It is obligatory to provide an e-mail address. You will receive an automatically generated e-mail when you have received a response in the guidance portal. This auto-mail does not contain the message of the guidance:in. In order to read the messages you have to log into your AYGOnet mailbox.
  • If you have forgotten your access data, you can reset it yourself using the "Forgotten password" function.


Unencrypted communication:

You can also contact us via our general e-mail address

Please note that the transmission of unencrypted data by e-mail is neither suitable nor secure for exchanging personal data or other confidential information. If you transmit personal information by e-mail without appropriate safeguards, unauthorised third parties may be able to access this information and consequently view the data without your consent.