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Latest news

The Studierendenwerk Darmstadt promotes the bicycle mobility of the residents of its housing complexes, contributes to the protection of resources (repair instead of new purchase, long use) and to the promotion of DIY skills by providing tools.

The stations are already installed at the following locations:

1. lab/Berliner Allee: 3

2nd Rest/Riedeselstraße: 3

3rd Lux/NRS: 3

4th Fair/NRS: 2

5th Dorf/Liwie: 1 x

6. Karlshof: in the course of the refurbishment 4 stations will be placed there

Equipment: permanently installed columns with all common tools for basic repairs and adjustments to bicycles: Allen & open-end spanners, tyre levers, air pump, etc. All columns are covered and freely accessible to all residents of the respective housing complexes.


Sustainability Manager

Georg Richarz

Porträt des Nachhaltigkeitsmanagers Georg Richarz

phone: 06151 16-29438