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What are they good for and which ones do I need? We'll explain that here.

The principle of "insurance" - how does it work?

Insurance protects us from the financial consequences of unforeseen events, such as illness, accident, theft,...

The principle of insurance is based on the collective, which assumes the financial risks of individual insurance members. For this, each member pays a contribution to protect each other. If something happens/damage occurs, the insurance company pays (depending on the contract!) part or all of the costs.


Which insurances do students have?

There are two insurances you cannot avoid:

  • Health insurance - is a requirement for enrollment.
  • Statutory accident insurance - your university/university will take out this insurance for you.


It also makes sense to take out private liability insurance. And occupational disability insurance can also be a forward-looking investment during the course of your studies.




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Statutory accident insurance

When and which additional insurances make sense depends on the individual life situation:

Where can I get further information and advice?

You can get free advice from our social counseling service.

The consumer centers are also very good places to go.


You can find helpful and reliable online information at:

Consumer Center/Verbraucherzentrale:

German Student Union: Insurance for students | Deutsches Studierendenwerk