Info wall rules

Organisatorisch-technische Angaben und allgemeine Infowand-Regeln

  • Please send us xour image file at least one week before publication request.

    Ad hoc processing is usually not possible.

  • A maximum of 2 images of a student group (or a university office or a cooperation partner of the Studierendenwerk) can be uploaded per month, each with a duration of one week.

    I.e., either 2 images per month can run in parallel for one week,

    or one image per month runs for one week, another image during another week.

  • Due to high demand and limited capacity, there may be varying waiting times even with early delivery.

    We will therefore try to consider your request, but unfortunately cannot guarantee that your content will be published as requested.

  • Please create the presentations in such a way that the content itself and its arrangement leave a favorable impression.
  • When designing your infowall file, keep in mind its short 10-second lifetime.
  • Therefore, limit yourself to a few clearly structured contents.
  • Make your responsibility for the content clear, ideally via your logo placed at the top or centrally.
  • If you cooperate with private companies, your image file/presentation must not be misunderstood as advertising for external companies. Therefore, please place company logos - if at all - only in smaller size marginally (below).


Required file format: Jpg oder png, 72px, rgb

Size: 1920 x 1080 Pixel (bxh).

Please send your finished file to

Info wall rules

n order to safeguard overriding interests, certain presentations may be excluded from display on the screens, or the number of presentations and the duration of the respective display may be limited.

Studierendenwerk Darmstadt may decide on the inclusion of presentations at its due discretion. It will reject such publication requests whose content violates an official order, violates laws, offends common decency or is otherwise likely to have a discriminatory effect.

Screen content is primarily event information.

Commercial content and content that could be construed as advertising for religious, political and ideological groups as well as advertising for tobacco, alcohol and other drugs are excluded.

In particular, content that could be construed as advertising for products or services that compete with the products or services of the Studierendenwerk is not permitted. For example, event information is desired, but not information about offers regarding food and drink in connection with the corresponding events or the event locations.



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