Fair working conditions

Fair working conditions

According to the International Bill of Human Rights of the United Nations, everyone has the right to fair working conditions. This includes, in particular, the right of every person to receive the same adequate remuneration for equal work and under reasonable and satisfactory working conditions.

The Studierendenwerk fulfils this requirement in the way that payment for all employees is based on the collective agreement for employees of the state of Hessen.

Attractive working time models

Night work or shift work only exists in the bakery and currently in two university catering facilities at the TU Darmstadt with longer opening hours during the day and at weekends. A third facility will open at the h_da in late summer.

Rotations at the workstations of the university catering serve to relieve physical strain and a varied distribution of work. Night and shift work is organised in such a way that there is a regular and balanced rotation within the teams. It is possible to compensate overtime hours with free time or it can be paid into the lifetime working time account. In addition, we promote individual further training and qualification.

Examples of further training include internal workshops on sustainability or intercultural competence, external training on guest communication for university catering employees and much more.

To protect and enforce these rights, the Studierendenwerk has a staff council made up of democratically elected deputies from the staff, a youth and trainee representative, a women's representative and a representative for the severely disabled. In cooperation with the management, they implement the interests of the employees.

Health management

Our occupational health management (OHM) questions and changes existing work processes and organisational structures to actively and preventively promote the health of employees.

Important components are health fairs at regular intervals with offers on nutrition, exercise, ergonomics and various measurements such as vein and stress measurements. So far, these fairs have taken place in March 2016 and June 2019.

Occupational safety

In regular meetings of the occupational safety committee with analyses of accidents at work or on the way to work, measures are initiated to improve occupational safety. From 2017 to 2019, risk assessments were prepared for all workplaces by our external occupational safety specialist. In December 2019, a mental risk assessment of the workplaces was carried out as part of an employee survey and the derivation of measures from the results began.



Sustainability Manager

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