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DAs Bonbon – event calendar for Students

DAs Bonbon - Get your Bonbons

DAs Bonbon is an event calendar for students.

We provide information about events in the City of Darmstadt and on campus events.

For some events Bonbons/Vouchers are available: for example, admission discounts, free admission, a drink when attending an event etc.

In order to be able to use DAs Bonbon without restrictions, please create a WebApp on your own smartphone with the URL: bonbon.stwda.de


1. Create a WebApp

In order to be able to use the WebApp, the website bonbon.stwda.de should be saved as a WebApp on your own smartphone.


1. Share icon

2. "To the home screen"

3. Confirm





Attention: The access code and all Bonbons will be deleted on the smartphone after 7 days if the WebApp has not been activated during this time. Please keep your access code to be able to log in again.


2. WebApp "DAs Bonbon" - bonbon.stwda.de

In order to use DAs Bonbon, an access code must be generated beforehand.

Does a VIP code exist?

Yes: Please scan the VIP code (freshmen will receive the code on a postcard or folder at the orientation events of the TU and h_da - please keep it!)

No: Generate a save code, copy it and the DAs Bonbon will be unlocked. Please write down the save code.


The WebApp


Weekly tips and semester tips. More information in "Read More".


My Bonbons

Overview of the Bonbons and QR codes of the Bonbons. Please show your student ID when redeeming.


from the Darmstadt Student Union and the City of Darmstadt.


information (top right, the i)

About the WebApp, save code, data protection, usage instructions, contact


Event providers: inside

Would you like to advertise your event?

Get in contact with us: das-bonbon@stwda.de



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DAs Bonbon

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