Intercultural Tutors Team

Intercultural Tutors Team (ITT)

Dear students,

  • You’ve just arrived in Darmstadt.
  • You still feel lost and disoriented in your new place.
  • You’ve no idea who to turn to with all your questions about your new situation.
  • You would like to get in touch with other students and make new friends.

We, the Intercultural Tutors Team, are students of the universities in Darmstadt and we have been living here for a couple of semesters. When we arrived in Darmstadt we were in the same situation as you are now. At the beginning, we experienced all difficulties and challenges, but also had a lot of fun. We would like to share these experiences with you and hope to make your stay in Darmstadt even better, than it hopefully will be.


So, we would like to offer our help in:

  • Managing a good start
  • Giving you orientation about the university as well as about the town
  • Helping you with official formalities
  • Supporting you in case of language difficulties

We organize:

  • Leisure activities
  • Excursions, tours
  • Parties
  • Cultural events
  • Workshops

You can find our event program underneath the contact information (as soon as it is out, of course) or here: Events

The gallery  shows photos from past events and activities. Short reports from past events can be found here.

Besides, we offer to accompany you to the authorities to help with language difficulties.

Our company/counselling is free of charge and all your questions and concerns are treated in confidence. We are multilingual and familiar with student life. We know the situation to be knew in a foreign country.


Intercultural Exchange

Mensa Stadtmitte

Alexanderstraße 4
64283 Darmstadt