Benefits for students

Benefits for students

Students can profit from a number of benefits in Germany.

Our "Kulturscheckheft" is given out every year to first semesters/freshman and boasts a collection of discounts and vouchers. The various benefits are made available for you with the help of the "Hochschule Darmstadt" and the "Kulturamt" of the city of Darmstadt.

The international student card can also be used for a number of different discounts for events, pubs and bars, food, art and exhibitions, and travels.

Below we have gathered some of the local and regional benefits for students. It is important to carry your valid student card with you.

An online-search with the search terms "benefits+students" might give you some additional information.

Something important is missing?

You have got some great advice for local discounts or vouchers that more students should know about?


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