Health and Studying

Health and Studying

Upcoming Events regarding Health

TK-Mental strategies - Seminar for the positive handling of stress. Next seminar: due to the current crisis the seminar has to be postponed indefinitely!

(Only available in German, participants need at least B2 German proficiency)

SKOLL-Training - Training for self-control regarding addiction. Courses will be offered periodically (only available in German, participants need at least B2 German proficiency)

Collage mit Fotos zu Stress- und Entspannungsfaktoren

What can you do to stay mentally fit?

Insights and recommendations have been collected on this page Staying mentally fit during your studies (only available in German).

Online Services:

Online-Counseling of the Caritas ·the service covers a variety of topics, such as social problems, disabilities and psychological illnesses, parents and family, treatments for mothers and fathers, legal advice and prevention, school and vocation, debt, pregnancy, addicition, counseling against comitting suicide under the age of 25

Your masterplan · support regarding topics like: exam nerves, motivation problems, difficulties learning required materials, having doubts, difficulties concentrating, addiction (only available in German).


Intercultural Affairs

Social contacts, group trips and events


Link: Intercultural Affairs


Social Counselling

Support with social, personal and financial questions and concerns (for example: studying with children, studying with disabilities etc.)


Link: Social Counselling


Psychological Counselling (PBS)

Individiual counselling, group offers, counselling for students facing difficult decisions


Link: Psychological Counselling

Head of department Counselling and Social Services

Ursula Lemmertz (Dipl. Psych.)



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