Internet connection

Internet access

The internet connection is automatically activated at the start of the rental agreement. Please note the configuration data of the Studierendenwerk. These you will get with the tenancy contract.

Before connecting your devices, please read the rules of use and the information for tenants about internet connection.

Attention e-mail!

The e-mail addresses provided here are only for contacting the team of network tutors in the hostel; e.g. during possible disturbances of the internet connection.

There is no information regarding room rental here!


Contact to the team of lan tutors in the hostels

Are you interested in volunteering at Studierendenwerk as a network tutor?

So, send us your letter of motivation and a tabular CV to


fair  ·  Nieder-Ramstädter-Straße 122-128A  ·  E-Mail

LAB  ·  Berliner Allee 6, 6a, 6B, 6C  ·  E-Mail

Karlshof  ·  Alfred-Messel-Weg 4 and Alfred-Messel-Weg 6 - 10 D  ·  E-Mail

Lux · Nieder-Ramstädter-Straße 187 – 191A · E-Mail

Nieder-Ramstädter-Str. 179-183A  ·  E-Mail

re_st  · Riedeselstr. 62 - 64  ·  E-Mail

Poststraße 1  ·  E-Mail

Studentendorf  ·  Lichtwiesenweg 9, Haus 1 - 4  ·  E-Mail


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