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Hessian Sustainability Day

Hessian Sustainability Day

Participation of the Studierendenwerk with an insect hotel building workshop

On 10th of September 2020, the topic throughout Hessen laid on the issue of Sustainability - including here at the Studierendenwerk. Together with the HONEDA network partners, various activities took place all over the federal state. We from the sustainability team focused on the topic of insects. The REX cinema showed the documentary film "More than Honey" on the big screen the evening before. On the following day, the registered students had to show their handicraft skills: together with the supporters from st:ine, we created four insect hotels, which now enrich the green spaces at the Karlshof and FAIR halls of residence. They help wild bees, ladybirds and the like to find protective shelter and thus contribute to greater biodiversity.

Do you now have the urge to do it yourself? Then we recommend the helpful instructions from NABU.



Sustainability Manager

Georg Richarz

Porträt des Nachhaltigkeitsmanagers Georg Richarz

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