Cash payment surcharge

Cash payment surcharge

faster with chip ...! Expansion of cashless payments 

Beginning January 2, 2018, all customers will be charged a 20-cent surcharge for any payment transaction in University dining services that is not cashless. This applies equally to students and guests, including university employees.

The cash payment scheme, which is fair for all customer groups, makes everyday life in the canteen and bistro easier:

  • Cashless payment enables measurably faster checkout throughput and helps avoid backlogs.
  • Less "cash" also means a financial plus, as financial institutions have massively increased their fees for handling cash. Via our social services, this advantage benefits the students.

Guests who do not yet have a chip card can purchase one for a 5 euro deposit at the bistro cash desks. The recharge takes place at the automatic rechargers in the dining halls and at the cash registers of the coffee bars. Customers who have questions about the new regulations can contact the management of our university catering via e-mail:



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