Health Short Films

Health - Short Films

The German Red Cross (GRC) provides you with short films on important health and healthcare issues in Germany.

Video (youtube) - German health care system

The German health care system differs from the medical care in other countries. In Germany, there are family doctors or general practitioners and specialists with their own doctor’s office, therapists and hospitals. This film explains who one should turn to in case of illness or an emergency.



 Video (youtube) - Pregnancy and Birth

To be pregnant or give birth in a foreign cultural environment can make one feel unsecure. This film gives information about medical check-ups during pregnancy and ante-natal preparation as well as medical care through midwifes and doctors before and after giving birth.


Video (youtube) - Healthy Children

There are special doctors for children and teens in Germany. They do medical check-ups and screenings regarding their abilities such as hearing and seeing or take care of diseases.



Video (youtube) - Treatment for Psychological Illnesses

This film wants to encourage affected persons to seek help with mental health problems and not to hide with their fears and problems.


Social Counselling

Study with child, study with disabilities ...

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Psychological Counselling (PBS)

Individual counselling, group offers, counselling for students who have doubts about their studies


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