Dining… with handicap

Be our guest in our dining halls and bistros:

Of course inform about the allergens in our dishes. You can see them on site or in our online menu.

Taste für automatische Tueroeffnung

In our main dining halls there are wheelchair accessible tables.

In the Mensa Stadtmitte, this table is located in the Otto Berndt Hall on the right side in front of the stage. The tables in the outdoor area are also accessible to wheelchair users at the head ends.

In Schöfferstraße, the tables in the outdoor area are accessible for wheelchair users.



Tray trolleys

These are designed to make your visit to our dining halls more enjoyable.

For example, if you

  • have difficulty walking
  • are heavily loaded,
  • have one or more children with you or
  • simply want to transport several trays.

After your meal or snack, please return the carts to the marked "parking position" so others can find them as well.


Locations of the tray carts in the Mensa Stadtmitte:

  • to the left of the Mensa Gabel
  • in front of the Bistro Stadtmitte
  • on the 1st floor: opposite the market restaurant to the left of the entrance to the housing service


Locations in the other dining halls are still being determined.


Social Counselling

Tel (06151) 16-29863, 16-29858, 16-29859, 16-29860


Mensa Stadtmitte S1|11
room 104, 119, 120
Alexanderstr. 4, 64283 Darmstadt

Campus Hochschule Darmstadt
Studierendenhaus C23, room 04.07
Schöfferstraße 3, 64295 Darmstadt

Info on the current counselling can be found here

Offers and contact persons of the universities

TU Darmstadt:

Project Handicap
Sabine Hopp


Website Project Handicap


Representative for Disability Issues


Website Studyin with a disability


Hochschule Darmstadt:

Representative for students and prospective students with disabilities and/or chronic illness and ombudsperson for disputes

Isabell Schader

Tel (06151) 533-60310


Website Studieren mit Behinderung (only available in german)