Advertising in the canteens

External (not created by the Studierendenwerk) advertising and information

... is allowed at certain locations under specified conditions.

At present, the possibilities within the scope of our voluntary services are still very limited.

It is therefore not possible in our premises

  • display your flyers (for example, on the cafeteria tables) 
  • to use the poster spaces of the Studierendenwerk.
Information for commercial suppliers

Information for student groups, university offices and cooperating partners of the Studierendenwerk.


If media platforms and properties are made available for publication requests, this is a voluntary service provided by the Studierendenwerk. The Studierendenwerk Darmstadt can decide on the permissibility of advertising and information campaigns in general in its properties at its own discretion. It will reject such publication requests whose content violates an official order, violates laws, offends common decency or is otherwise likely to have a discriminatory effect.

Commercial content and content that could be interpreted as advertising for religious, political and ideological groups as well as advertising for tobacco, alcohol and other drugs are excluded.

Furthermore, advertising of groups whose statutes provide for the wearing of uniforms or colors and/or contain a militaristic tradition is not permitted.

In particular, content that could be interpreted as advertising for products or services that compete with the products or services of the Studierendenwerk is not permitted. For example, event information is desired, but not information on offers regarding food and drink in connection with the corresponding events or the event locations.



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