Types of accomodation

We offer the following types of accommodation:

Shared flat (WG)

In this type of accommodation, you have your own furnished room. You share the sanitary rooms and a common room with kitchen with your flatmates.

This is what a flat share offers: You are not alone in a shared flat. The beginning in particular can be quite challenging. It can help to have a reference person. You can swap ideas, do things together and get to know the city together.

There are good opportunities to connect with people. Especially if your flatmates have lived in the city for a long time, they may have a social network that you can also connect with.

Frequently asked questions like: Where can I buy at the best price? Which club is the latest trend? Where do I get furnishings? Flatmates are a great source of information.


They are the most comfortable, but also the most expensive form of housing.

You have your own small flat with a shower room and a kitchenette.


Living with children, married couples

Our family flats in a student neighbourhood offer married couples, families and single parents with children their own flat where they can live as a couple or as a family. You can also socialise with other students in the dormitory.


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