Diversity-Day 2023

This was the Diversity Day Studierendenwerk Darmstadt 2023

On 23 May, the international Diversity Day was celebrated for the 11th time in Germany.

It was launched by the Diversity Charter initiative to draw attention to diversity in all its facets in our society.

This year, we also participated in the International Diversity Day and started a campaign for our students. Posters were put up in the canteens Stadtmitte, Lichtwiese and Schöfferstraße on which students could write down what DIVERSITY means to them.

All the posters resulted in a colourful mixture of the most diverse thoughts of individual students on the topic of DIVERSITY. The result:

In addition to the posters, there was also a Diversity Day survey on Instagram.

Here is a small excerpt of the questions:

What percentage of women in Germany earn less per hour in comparison to men?

A: 32 %                B: 18 %                C: 11 %


What percentage of inter* and trans* people in Germany experienced discrimination when looking for a job or during work last year?

A: 47 %                B: 35 %                 C: 12 %


What percentage of children with a university entrance qualification from non-academic households start university?

A: 58 %                B: 79 %                 C: 27 %


What percentage of students in Germany have already experienced discrimination while studying?

A: 3 %                   B: 55 %                 C: 26 %


What percentage of students in Germany have observed discrimination against others?

A: 46 %                B: 89 %                 C: 34 %


What percentage of students say they have been discriminated because of their gender?

A: 9%                    B: 14%                 C: 27%


What percentage of students say that they have most often experienced discrimination especially because of their migration background?

A: 27%                 B: 36%                  C: 8%


How many questions would you have answered correctly?


We are pleased about the lively participation. Thank you for that! Because for many years now, we at Studierendenwerk Darmstadt have been actively working for the plural student body.

Among other things, we founded the Intercultural Tutor Team, ITT, 10 years ago. The Intercultural Tutor Team brings students with and without an international background together at various events under the motto "Let’s celebrate diversity!

More information about ITT and the events in the anniversary year can be found here:



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