Video counselling – cTg

Video Counselling comeTOgether

Contact to the comeTOgether tutors: also possible via video!

If you would like to have a conversation or a consultation via video, please contact the team by e-mail or telephone. They will make an appointment and give you the login details.

You can access it via Zoom.


If you use the video consultation, you agree to the following conditions:

I affirm that

  • the video consultation takes place in closed rooms and quiet surroundings (to ensure data security and for a trouble-free workflow)
  • all persons present in the room are introduced at the beginning of the video consultation.
  • no image and/or sound recordings are made during the video consultation.
  • auxiliary persons are informed about the protection of secrets and, if necessary, data protection.
  • I have the technical requirements for using the video consultation.


Instructions for the video consultation:

Technical requirements:

  • Internet connection
  • Smartphone, computer or tablet with screen or display, camera, microphone and speakers

Procedure - step by step to the video consultation:

  1. The technical connection is made via zoom.
  2. You will receive an appointment for the video consultation from the ctg tutor*, the Internet address of the video service provider and the dial-in code for the video consultation.
  3. Good lighting and a quiet environment are recommended for the video call. With a headset, communication is usually more trouble-free.
  4. On the day of the appointment, you dial in a few minutes before the appointment on the video service provider's website with your dial-in code. You do not need a user account for this.
  5. When you dial in, you will be asked for your name. Choose wether you want to use your name or an alias.
  6. You will then land in a virtual waiting room. As soon as the tutor* is added, you can start.
  7. When your conversation is over, you will log off the website.

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