Guest survey

Sustainability in the refectory

In order to find out the students' views on the topic of sustainable university catering, the Studierendenwerk conducted an online survey in April and May 2018. Among other things, we wanted to know what the participants thought about a more sustainable offer in our refectories and bistros. Over 4,000 TU and h_da students took part in the survey. In addition, there was a focus group workshop with specially selected students for developing ideas for a more sustainable product range as well as meaningful strategies for target group-oriented communication.

The following illustrations of the results of the online survey show excerpts of our guests' attitudes to the topics of meat consumption, vegetarian/vegan nutrition, individual preferences and acceptance of sustainable products.


At the focus group workshop, the students suggested offering more dishes to combine individually according to taste and with flexible pricing.

There was a particular demand for the offer of "complete" organic dishes, which will become feasible in 2021 with the switch to organic spices.

In addition, the desire for greater consideration of regionally and seasonally available food and a seasonal menu emerged.

In the end, the following suggestion received a lot of approval among the workshop participants: "just do it" - i.e. try out and offer sustainable products in order to convince through taste and thus "automatically" contribute to a sustainable diet for the guests and a more sustainable offer in university catering.


Sustainability Manager

Georg Richarz

Porträt des Nachhaltigkeitsmanagers Georg Richarz

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