Healthy handling of the flood of information and work

Healthy handling of the flood of information and work

Psychological life hacks for good work organization

The mountains of work get higher and higher towards the end of the semester, the to-do lists get longer and longer, the pressure and the tendency to postpone more and more. At the same time, I waste a lot of time on social media and get distracted by all the digital opportunities.


Which techniques can help me find a conscious and self-directed way of dealing with my time, work orders and technical possibilities? In this interactive online prsesentation, take ideas with you to act in a targeted and self-determined way, even in our fast-paced and complex world, and to be healthy and successful in the long term through realistic goal and self-assessment.



  • Actively design and optimize realistic scheduling
  • Learn and apply methods for prioritization and goal setting
  • Dealing with interruptions, distraction patterns and (internal) time thieves
  • Understand the psychological & brain-physiological mechanisms behind our handling of digitalization and the flood of information
  • Attention Focusing Training by Distinction, Mindfulness, Micropauses
  • Helpful apps and experiments for self-determined handling of digital media


Date: Tue, 30.04.2024

Time: 4pm - 6pm


Location: Online by Zoom.

Meeting-ID: 886 3453 0032

Kenncode: 933453


Fee: none

No registration required!

Language: German


Speaker: Psychologist (M.Sc.) Leoni Saechtling


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