mensaVital enables a fresh, balanced and contemporary meal. The recipes developed take into account regional and international cooking influences as well as a balanced composition of ingredients.


Under the mensaVital brand, many student unions throughout Germany now offer dishes that are prepared in a particularly vitamin-friendly and low-fat way - with natural ingredients and no flavor enhancers.

With balanced, tasty and filling meals, mensaVital provides proof that healthy eating and enjoyment are absolutely compatible.


Fresh through the day

The Vital Kitchen ensures freshness on the plate in many student unions nationwide - with dishes that stimulate the body, mind and taste buds in equal measure. Carefully composed and nutritionally balanced recipes create a creative, wholesome menu that provides optimal conditions for staying mentally fit and energetic during the work and study day.

Rich in vitamins and fresh

Typical for mensaVital is a vitamin-preserving preparation of natural ingredients. With the claim to make a valuable contribution to the dietary recommendation "5 a day", a sufficient proportion of fresh fruit and vegetables is added to each meal.


Healthy fat supply

Classic fat traps such as deep-fried or breaded foods are taboo in the mensaVital kitchen - as are highly processed fats, deep-frying oil or clarified butter. Instead, high-quality vegetable oils such as rapeseed or olive oil, lean meat and cold cuts, and low-fat milk and dairy products ensure a balanced supply of fat for the body.  For the benefit of a healthy supply of omega-3 fatty acids, a fish dish is offered weekly. The selection of fish is strictly in accordance with the WWF list and excludes the preparation of endangered fish species.


Without flavor enhancer

An essential cornerstone of the mensaVital cuisine: All dishes and processed ingredients are free of flavor enhancers. This also means a general renunciation of highly processed ready-made products such as frozen pizza, ready-made sauces or other convenience classics. Instead, the dishes are prepared with fresh herbs - for even more aromatic taste experiences.

Variety of tastes

A wide range of recipes combines regional and international cooking influences and offers a variety of dishes with the right meal for every taste. In terms of filling side dishes, products such as ebly, couscous or bulgur complement the classic range of potatoes, pasta or rice. If these classics are used, then mostly in whole-grain versions, i.e. whole-grain rice or whole-grain pasta.

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