FAQ Scholarships

Finding a scholarship

As a student, there are many things one has to think of and take care of. One of the most important points is the financing of the studies.

Beside BAföG, (mini-)jobs or private financing there is also the possibility to get support from a scholarship. Usually, scholarships are given from foundations that have different aims, profiles and criteria of granting.

The foundations can be roughly ranged in three categories:

party-friendly, union related or confessional foundations. Although the membership to a certain party, union or denomination usually is not requested, but the identification with their aims.

Looking for a suitable foundation is not so simple, as there are many requirements for the granting, which have to be met. For example, there are special scholarships for women, for students with migration background and many more. A long and intensive research pays off, as the chances of success at a foundation, requiring your profile, are much higher.


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