Test anxiety support group

Test anxiety support group

Exam situations usually trigger psychological stress associated with a normal anxiety response. This anxiety can become so intense and impair the general performance potential during studies.

Katze mit Schatten eines Löwen

The group focuses on the following topics:

  • How does test anxiety express itself within me?
  • Where does my test anxiety come from? What are the causes?
  • What influence does the exam preparation have on the fear?
  • How do I prepare well for an exam?
  • How do I ensure sufficient relaxation and balance in learning phases?
  • How do my thoughts affect my fear and how can I change it?
  • How do other students deal with their exam anxiety and what can I learn from them?

With the help of cognitive-behavioral techniques, the participants have the opportunity to deal more intensively with their own examination fears and to develop specific coping options that facilitate the handling of examination fears. The following are some of the methods used:

  • Information sharing and group work
  • Identification of individual development factors
  • Self-observation through weekly plans
  • Relaxation training and self-care
  • Change of negative thought patterns
  • Imparting concrete behavioral strategies


From the many years of experience with exam-anxious students, an open exchange of experience in a group has proven to be very effective...

Beginning: April 26, 2018
Times: Thursdays from 2pm to 4 pm (8 appointment dates)
(only available in German, participants need at least B2 German proficiency)

Management and advance notification: Dipl.-Psych. Julia Saam and Dipl.-Psych. Alexander Leis
(Number of participants limited)


Psychotherapeutic Counselling Center (PBS)

Steubenplatz 12 (1.st floor)
64293 Darmstadt


Julia Saam

Dipl. Psych. Julia Saam
Tel (06151) 16-29856


Alexander Leis

Dipl. Psych. Alexander Leis
Tel (06151) 16-29853