Seminar: Activate my self-esteem

Activate my self-esteem: From inner critic to self-appreciator

Sometimes there are moments when I criticize myself, set my own bar far too high and discover much more positive aspects in others. Then I feel small and paralyzed, and then I can't call up my abilities that are actually lying dormant in me. Sometimes I also feel worthless and don't think I'm enough. Do you know that, too? In this seminar we want to take a closer look at that.



  • Lern to accept and profitably use your good sides and inner sources of light as well as your dark sides and shadow sides.
  • Train with practical exercises to like yourself and take your own needs seriously, forgive the past and take good care of yourself in the here and
  • Enjoy more inner satisfaction, stability and freedom of action.
  • Don't let others determine your self-worth, but take the initiative for your own self-worth


  • discover my own resources and strengths
  • Exercises to accept myself with all parts
  • Identify and make flexible own pressure and depreciation mechanisms
  • develop and promote unconditional self-esteem through various techniques
  • Reflect the effects of increased self-worth on one’s own (family) environment and make a self-determined decision in the awareness of the respective price
  • Concrete ideas to promote my self-worth through my everyday actions


  • Learn facets of conditional and unconditional self-worth
  • Learning to identify and control inner critics and self-destructors
  • Establish care, understanding and friendship with myself and become aware of my talents and abilities
  • Exercise self-acceptance towards all parts of my personality and thereby experience inner satisfaction, stability and independence

Who can participate:

The offer is addressed to all students of TU Darmstadt and Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences.

The group size is 6-15 participants.

Thanks to the support of the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK), we are able to offer the seminar to students free of charge.

The registration deposit must be paid for the binding registration. The deposit is 20,00 €. The deposit is intended to ensure that the seminar places are also taken. You will receive the deposit back at the end of the seminar if you have attended more than 80% (= maximum 3 hours missing). Please contact us if you are having trouble paying the deposit. We will find a solution

After regular attendance (at least 80% attendance) the participants will receive a certificate of the seminar attended

When and where:

2  day seminar · each the Mensa Stadtmitte, room Nizza (1st floor)


Part l: Mon, 27.11.2023 · 9 a.m. - 4 p. m.

Part 2: Wed,  6.12.2023 · 9 a.m. - 4 p. m.


Registration until Wed , 15.11. by e-mail an:

Language: German




Questions about the course will be answered by:

Marta Kozlowska
Health offers
Tel 0179 6687785