Legal Counselling

Legal Counselling

The consultation will be canceled on 8 January.

While focusing on tenancy law, this counseling service covers all legal issues that might arise in student daily life. It is offered free of charge and strictly neutral vis-a-vis the Studierendenwerk's department of accommodation and the department of student finances.

Only verbal counseling is provided, but if written correspondence is required we can refer you to a lawyer's office.


If you present a legal aid voucher (Rechtsberatungsschein) - which can be obtained from the local court of your primary place of residence – the lawyer's office's services are also free of charge.

Please don't forget your documents and be prepared for waiting times.


Legal Counselling


Hans-Jürgen Binder

registered attorney

Mensa Stadtmitte
Alexanderstr. 4
side wing, 2nd floor, Room 201 (conference room Jena)

Open hours:
Tu: 2:30pm (be prepared for waiting times)