Foreigners become Friends

Foreigners become Friends

Intercultural Exchange in Darmstadt

Together IGeM-International Generations Meeting and the Studierendenwerk Darmstadt are connecting international students and hosts from Darmstadt.

The Idea

A changing world makes communication and understanding more and more important, all the more so when crossing national borders. This is not only true for the universities, but also for the city of Darmstadt, its people and the region.

Several thousand people from foreign countries are currently studying in Darmstadt and Dieburg. They enrich public and private life with their cultural diversity and they are looking forward to get to know new people - especially outside of the university context.

Our project "Foreigners become Friends" wants to:

  • promote intercultural exchange
  • help international students and local hosts to get into contact with each other
  • make it possible to live diversity in everyday life

How we perceive ourselves and our Project Partner

For us the high number of international students in both universities in Darmstadt is a huge benefit for the city and the region.

Openness is the basis for how we view ourselves. Intercultural Exchange is especially important - even more so as a social partner for both universities - to the Studierendenwerk Darmstadt. We facilitate social and intercultural exchange on campus and in Darmstadt, in order to make tendencies of isolation less likely.

Based on the idea and work of the International Generations Meeting (IGeM Darmstadt) we expand the existing platform for intercultural exchange with "Foreigners become Friends".

IGeM was rewarded with the award from the Foreign Office "for excellent support service for international students" in 2008 and received the award "Showing Face" from the city of Darmstadt in 2010.




Foreigners become Friends

Studierendenwerk Darmstadt


Louisa Frenzel

Phone: 06151 16-29780


IGeM - International Generations Meeting (project partner):

Yvonne Raftopoulo