Group training of social skills

Group training of social skills

Do you know that?

  • Do you feel intimidated in conversations with professors?
  • Do you tend to avoid conflicts?
  • Do you avoid addressing what bothers you?
  • Is it difficult for you to approach new people and socialize?
  • Would you like to deepen your friendships or do you wish for a relationship?

Then you are like many other people too!


Often it is difficult for us to enforce our rights, which also means saying "no" or adequately expressing our desires, feelings and needs in social relationships. But confident, social behavior can be learned just like other behaviors (such as a new sport).
With the help of modern cognitive-behavioral approaches, which include practical exercises, we work in this group to promote and develop social skills.

(The training was designed on the basis of Hinsch & Whitsun 2007)

Before the start of the training a short one-on-one discussion takes place to clarify your individual needs and questions.


Beginning: 17th April 2018
Time: Thursdays from 3:30pm - 5:30 pm (10 sessions)
(only available in German)

Management and advance notification: Dipl.-Psych. Olaf Peter
(Number of participants limited)


Psychotherapeutic Counselling Center (PBS)

Steubenplatz 12 ( floor)
64293 Darmstadt


Olaf Peter

Dipl.-Psych. Olaf Peter
Tel (06151) 16-29854