Cool head in turbulent times

Cool head in turbulent times

Workshop - emotional management for a relaxed study rouitne

Do you sometimes react impulsively with an emotional outburst and regret it afterwards? Or do you sometimes feel down and don't know exactly why? Do you sometimes get angry and don't know where to put your energy?

Then visit this workshop and learn how to better understand and use your own emotions. We focus on how to keep a cool head even in critical situations. Take tools home with you to actively use your emotions instead of letting them dictate you.




  • Emergence and influencing factors of emotions
  • Identify personal trigger points and interrupt automatic actions
  • Plan negative emotions as important cues in your own action control
  • Self-regulation strategies to defuse situations and get back down
  • Mindfulness, detachment and change of perspective as strategies to promote serenity


  • Understand and control your own emotions
  • Maintain and radiate a cool head even in critical situations
  • Constructively deal with anger and anger in order to continue to act self-directed and thoughtfully and achieve one’s own goals


Who can participate:

The offer is aimed at all students of the TU Darmstadt and Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences who want to enhance their stress competence.

The group size is max. 15 participants.


Date: Tuesday, 2.7.2024

Time: 9.00 am - 4.30 pm

location: room "Grenoble", Mensa Stadtmitte, Alexanderstr. 4 Darmstadt


Referent: Psychologist (M.Sc.) Leoni Saechtling

Fee: none

Language: German


Registration until Friday 21.06.2024:             

more information:


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