Accident Insurance

Accident Insurance

Every student is insured against accidents on two levels. If you are enrolled at either the TU or h_da, a yearlong insurance coverage is provided.

Please be aware that this insurance cover does not extend to accidents in non-European countries!


Statutory accident insurance

Insurance coverage extends to all activities that are causally related to attending university. It covers  students for example while attending class (including pauses) and other university events like journeys, guided tours, excursions etc., and also on the direct route between home and university.

Leisure time accident insurance

Accidents that are not covered by statutory accident insurance are covered by leisure time accident insurance. It covers all accidents in daily life (24/7-coverage) off-campus and beyond the direct route between home and university.

If you have an accident, report it immediately!


What to do in case of an accident

The accident has to be reported to the Studierendenwerk Darmstadt without delay. A licensed medical doctor has to be consulted no later than four days after the accident. The accident also has to be reported to the carrier of social insurance and your health insurance company!

Which benefits are granted?

The role of accident insurance is to prevent accidents and provide first aid measures as well as remediation or compensation for the physical injury caused by the accident. This includes

  • Disability or total disability benefits
  • Cost of counseling
  • Benefits in case of death
  • Monetary benefits (injury benefits, injury pension)
  • Monetary benefits for surviving dependents

Compensation for property damage is not provided.


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