Snacks and Fingerfood

Snacks and Fingerfood

Various delicacies prepared with love for you, we will be happy to arrange according to your requirements.


  • Various wrap skewers (including feta cheese, poultry, Alsatian)
  • Mini Wraps (Barbecue Chicken, Asian Veggie)

Meat or fish skewers

  • Cheese rolls with ham
  • Ham melon
  • Ham and feta cheese
  • Salmon cream cheese
  • Smoked salmon confection
  • Pancake roll with salmon
  • Duck breast with cherry
  • Meat loaf
  • Meatball
  • Balkan rolls
  • Mini eyeball burger with schnitzel
  • Mini Burger (Mango Chicken, Pulled Pork)
  • Mini Pulled Chik`n Burger (with pulled chicken breast, various sauces)
  • Mini Pastrami Sandwich (smoked and cured beef brisket)
  • Tramezzino Praline (small crispy white bread sandwiches with parmesan and serrano ham)

Homemade sandwiches

  • with vegan Mett, ruccola and vegetables (vegan)
  • with vegan minced meat and chicken breast
  • with vegan minced meat, ruccola and pastrami
  • with beet, ruccola and feta cheese

vegetarian skewers

  • Cheese-fruit
  • Tortelloni
  • Cocktail tomato mozzarella
  • Cheese rolls
  • Pancake roulade with dried tomato
  • Camembert with black pepper
  • Raw vegetable sticks and 2 dips
  • Mini burger (veggie burger with feta cheese and beetroot)
  • Noodle-Stick Pad Thai (Thai noodles with tofu, cashew nuts, chili and coriander)
  • Noodle-Stick Teriyaki (Japanese noodles with vegetables and roasted sesame seeds)
  • Noodle-Stick Sweet & Sour (glass noodles with pineapple, bell bell pepper and sweet and sour sauce)


Warm and cold

  • Piccolinos (salami, ham, Alsace, cheese)
  • Mini pastries savory (salmon, ham, mushrooms, cheese)
  • Bruschetta (feta+spinach, tomato+cheese, salami+pepper+cheese)
  • Mini quiche (different kinds)




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