Studying with Children

Studying with Children

Our social counseling service provides information and assistance for parents-to-be and students with children, for example with

  • finding the right child care or a suitable flat
  • benefits and other financial support
  • personal questions, doubts or conflicts related to the compatibility of studying and family life


We invite you to come to our office hours – you are also welcome to bring your kids!


The elevator is located on the left side of the foyer of Otto-Berndt-Halle. Social counseling service is located on the first floor above the Bistro in rooms 112 and 113.


Child Care

Head of department:
Dipl. Psych. Ursula Lemmertz
Tel (06151) 16-29850


Social Counselling:

Mensa Stadtmitte

Anika Dehnbostel
Room 113
Tel (06151) 16-29857

Margarete Halvani
Room 112
Tel (06151) 16-29859

Prof. Sorin Huss Fond (TU Darmstadt)

Fund for supporting the financing of child care for students and PhD students at TU Darmstadt. Please find further information regarding the requirements for application and the application process under the link above, at the Servicestelle Familie (family service point) or at our social counselling facilities.


Further information:

Familienbüro/ family bureau (h_da)

Family Service (TU Darmstadt)