Mindfulness group

Mindfulness group

In our everyday lives, we often rushed from one appointment to the next. When we brush our teeth in the morning, we have a thousand thoughts in our heads about what else to do or what challenges await us today. Often, we are five steps ahead in thoughts or we are brooding and quarreling with the past.


In the mindfulness group, we want to learn how to get back to the "here and now". Mindfulness means to have undivided attention and concentration in what is happening right now - what we see, hear, smell, taste and feel, but also what we are thinking and what are feeling right now. We assume the "observer perspective", perceive what is and is not, what we fear or what we want to see.


While in our everyday lives we often judge, evaluate and respond quickly and automatically, mindfulness is characterized by a non-judgmental and accepting attitude of the present moment. Of course, this does not mean we do not value it anymore, but mindfulness helps us to recognize our automatic ratings and responses. Between stimulus and reaction there is a moment of pause, observation, "active non-action", we are no longer acting in the "autopilot mode", but consciously and because we have decided to do so.

Through mindfulness, we get to know our world and especially ourselves better, gain access to our needs and feelings and also learn to accept negative feelings.


Mindfulness is not a goal that we fully achieve, but an attitude that can be trained and practiced. Apart from teaching mindfulness skills, this is exactly what we want to practice together in the group using different techniques.

Before the start of the group session, a short one-to-one interview will take place to clarify your individual needs and questions.


Open group - Entry is possible at any time.

Times: Every Monday from 3 pm to 4.30 pm (participation in 10 sessions is recommended)

(only available in German)


Management and advance notification: Dipl.-Psych. Theresa Milewski

(Number of participants limited)


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Theresa Milewski
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